Hapet A. Berberian has contributed for more than 25 years to research, product development, technology transfer, and new business development in the application areas of printing and publishing, photography, motion picture post production, and computer aided textile design. Most of his professional years have been spent at Eastman Kodak Company and as a faculty member in Boston University’s College of Engineering.


Hapet A. Berberian has 27 years of experience in advanced product development, new business development, and technology licensing for digital imaging technologies and applications. Currently he is a consultant in strategic planning, technology licensing, business development, and product  development for the electronic imaging industries. Prior to that he was Senior Vice President for commercial and government business development at RemoteReality Corporation, a manufacturer of 360 degree image capture systems for security and monitoring applications. Mr. Berberian joined RemoteReality from IQ Data Systems, a division of GammaGraphx, Inc. where he was Vice President and General Manager of image quality management products for the printing and publishing industry. For 17 years prior to IQ Data Systems, he was employed by Eastman Kodak Company where his latest position was as Senior Director of Business Development and Technology Licensing for Eastman Kodak's Color Digital Imaging Technologies group. Mr. Berberian also held the position of Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Boston University's College of Engineering and began his career as a staff engineer at MIT's Draper Laboratories. Mr. Berberian earned his MSEE from Brown University in 1969 under a National Defense Education Act Fellowship and his BSEE from University of Rhode Island in 1967.


Consulting Experience

2002 to present        Digital Imaging Solutions, Principal

Consultant in digital imaging technologies, applications, and new business development. Clients include

1.     Pantone, Inc. - Technology licensing and new product specification for color matching systems in graphics and video

2.     Eastman Kodak Company - Business research and strategic partnership development with motion picture post  production equipment manufacturers

3.     Intecap, Inc - Business research in color digital imaging

4.     X-Rite, Inc. - Technology licensing, new business development, and channel partner development for color measurement instruments in graphics, video, and textile design and manufacturing

5.     Monaco Systems - Technology licensing, new business development, and channel partner development for color management technologies in graphics, video, and textile design and manufacturing

6.     Adaptive Optics Associates - Acquisition of government contracts for research and development of adaptive optics and optical communications systems and transfer of technology to commercial laser communications applications

7.     MicroOptical Corporation - Commercial and government business development and technology transfer of head mounted display technology to consumer applications



2000 to 2002        RemoteReality Corporation

RemoteReality is a small, privately held company which designs and develops software and optical technology that increases the value of visual information by capturing an entire 360 degree space in each still or video frame. It  enables the viewer to create a custom view of a scene which can be navigated by digital pan, tilt, and zoom controls. The technology is used to enhance the internet with interactive still and video images as well as to provide live omnidirectional video systems for commercial, industrial, retail, and government security and monitoring applications.


Senior Vice President - RemoteReality, Integrated Systems Group

Vice President - RemoteReality (company officer)

Responsible for the development of a new business unit, Integrated Systems, for technology licensing and technology transfer  of RemoteReality's omnidirectional imaging products and technology from government and military applications to commercial security and surveillance applications.

       Acquired government funding for and managed the development of advanced 360 degree video surveillance products including

1.     Omnidirectional submarine periscope imaging and tracking system

2.     Perimeter monitoring and force protection systems for surface ships and other land based high security facilities such as embassies, nuclear power plants, and US borders

3.     Unattended battlefield sensor systems to provide advanced situational awareness for war fighters

4.     Omnidirectional uncooled infrared imagers for night vision monitoring capability

5.     Intelligent omnidirectional imaging systems with automatic motion detection and multiple object tracking capability

       Transitioned government and military products to commercial security applications

       Communicated Integrated System group's product and technology capabilities to potential customers, technology partners, and investors through formal presentations given at public and private seminars as well as to industry standards committees

       Personally completed local and national television, radio, and trade journal interviews to promote Integrated Systems products, technology, and business



1998 to 2000      IQ Data Systems Division of GammaGraphX, Inc.

GammaGraphX is a small, privately held company that develops and markets software products for the document printing industry.


Vice President-General Manager IQ Data Systems Division

Responsible for the development of a new business unit and product line which will provide the document printing industry with a web accessible method for objectively assessing, monitoring, and diagnosing the image quality of a broad range of document printing and capture systems using machine vision techniques.

       Developed and presented to the Board of Directors, investors, and Technical Advisory Board the business plan for licensing of the automated print quality inspection technology resulting in approval and funding to launch the IQ Data Systems Division of GammaGraphX.

       Hired and organized a team of 5 engineers, a Director of Product Marketing/Sales, and a part-time Director of Finance to begin execution of the business plan.

       Developed and released a web accessible image quality management product line for office peripherals to be used by manufacturers, maintenance and service organizations, and print service providers for performing remote diagnosis, predictive diagnosis, and quality audits on printers, copiers, and scanners. This product is based on an Oracle 8 database to allow storage, retrieval, tracking, and analysis of performance and quality metrics.

       Established beta test programs with 8 major manufacturers of office peripherals.

       Developed and implemented the technical communications plan for the sale of the Company in 2000.


1981 to 1998    Eastman Kodak Company

Senior Director of Business Development and Technology Licensing

Responsible for formulating and executing a comprehensive business strategy on a world wide basis for Eastman Kodak's color digital imaging technologies.  Oversaw the implementation of selected strategies and communicated them to the technical, marketing, administrative, and support groups within Kodak with attention to profitability and value brought to other mainstream Kodak products including electronic imaging hardware, software, and consumables.

       Developed corporate strategic alliances between Eastman Kodak and major hardware and software companies that resulted in the placement of Kodak color management technology on more than 8 million desktop computers and in approximately 45 major software applications, operating systems, and digital imaging products world wide.

       Provided leadership and direction in the growth of Kodak Color Management Systems Group's cash inflow from technology and patent licensing fees, royalties, consulting services, and non-recurring engineering development. Revenues were accompanied by positive earnings and high gross margins through technology licensing. This responsibility included the generation, negotiation, execution, and management of  contracts with strategic partners.

       Transferred color digital imaging technology to and for the benefit of other Kodak product groups (digital cameras, color printers, proofing systems, and consumables including professional and motion picture film and thermal print media).

       Provided technical and marketing support and training for Kodak groups world wide.

       Developed a new business unit called Kodak Electronic Textile Systems for Kodak's textile division, Eastman Chemical. The responsibilities of the unit were to perform product marketing, specify, develop, and sell computer aided textile design and manufacturing systems in order to complement and add value to Kodak's presence in the textile fibers industry.

      Communicated Kodak's color digital imaging capabilities, technologies, and current and future product information to potential customers and technology partners by means of formal technical/marketing presentations given at public and private seminars and conferences.

       Managed Kodak's patent portfolio with respect to color imaging intellectual property by interfacing between engineering staff inventors and Kodak's patent legal staff.

      Served as Director of Advanced Development for Kodak Electronic Printing Systems and for the EIKONIX division of Eastman Kodak.  In this capacity specified, developed, and released approximately 15 major products in the following areas: color electronic pre-press, medical imaging, digital photography, CAD systems for the textile industry, color image compression and transmission products, digital cartographic editing and pre-press systems, machine vision and inspection systems for automation of industrial processes.

       Developed and implemented the technical communications plan for the initial public offering of EIKONIX Corporation in 1983 and for the eventual sale of EIKONIX to Eastman Kodak in 1985.  


1974 to 1981    Boston University College of Engineering

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Taught both undergraduate and graduate level courses in computer and electrical engineering with a responsibility to seek and acquire sponsored research.

       Developed new lecture and laboratory courses in mini computers, microcomputers, and “using a computer as a laboratory instrument”.

       Wrote proposals for and received grants in the field of digital image processing and color electronic pre-press to support research projects and graduate students.

      Received the Outstanding Professor of the Year Award in 1980 from Boston University’s College of Engineering.

       Held position of Research Affiliate in the MIT Cognitive Information Processing Group working as Boston University’s principal investigator for the design and implementation of a digital computer color correction scheme for a gravure printing process.

       Consulted for GTE Systems as software development engineer in digital voice processing.

     Consulted for Shintron Corporation to design and construct production prototypes of microprocessor based television test equipment.


1972 to 1974    Franklin Institute of Boston

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology

Responsible for the development of a new Computer Engineering Technology program with a grant from Digital Equipment Corporation. This was in addition to normal lecturing responsibilities.


1969 to 1972    MIT Draper Laboratories

Staff Engineer

Performed computer simulation studies of guidance and navigation systems for Apollo lunar landings and for Earth reentry vehicles.



            MSEE degree from Brown University in 1969 - National Defense Education Act Fellowship recipient

            BSEE degree from University of Rhode Island in 1967