Product Developer

Business Entrepreneur

Lecturer and Educator in Color Electronic Imaging

Hapet A. Berberian is founder and Principal of Digital Imaging Solutions which provides technical and strategic business consulting services to the electronic imaging industries.

For over 25 years Hapet has contributed to research, product development, technology transfer, and new business development in the application areas of printing and publishing, photography, motion picture post production, and computer aided textile design. Having begun his career as an aero and astro engineer at MIT’s Draper Laboratories contributing to the development of Apollo guidance and navigation systems, Hapet began his research interests in digital image processing in the mid 1970's. Most of his professional years have been spent at Eastman Kodak Company and as a faculty member in Boston University’s College of Engineering. Hapet also considers himself to be an accomplished amateur photographic technician and artist who uses both digital as well as film based tools for image capture, editing, and reproduction.